A Woman’s Personal Fifty Days to Fifty Years: A Loving Tribute as a Geropsychologist. “Wisdom comes with winters.” —Oscar Wilde

Day 49 02/21/2020, 49 days til 50. Wow. That’s amazing. I don’t have a linear of logical explanation for my awe, but it feels amazing in an odd way. That reminds me, 49 days–I am 49 years old and letting go of my 40’s with love. Despite not having been married, which continues to make “love” and a bond legitimate, I still feel it in a way those who never made the societal standard “cut” like me would perhaps feel more inclined with which to resonate.
Stop babbling Manju.

So my 50-day journey, begins in the doldrums of winter (yesterday and today were quite cold) and I hope the season will indeed attract the wisdom that I seek to always hone. The gyps ruepellii, or Rupell’s griffon vulture, is the African bird species type that can fly at the highest altitude known to humankind to date (37,000 feet above sea level). It depends on its vision to identify prey and when this is done in flight, it will bear down, spread its wings accordingly, extending its neck into its feast, and can eat ravagely. They are so resilient, the Rupell’s griffon can safely consume toxic meat that would kill people and other species quickly. While I do not consider myself to be predatory, I use the adaptive physical nature and sharp, panoramic vision that Rupell’s benefit from integrated with the third eye chakra for intuition, our “sixth sense” into my 50s. Funny enough, Rupell’s are known to live a span of 40-50 years. So I take the Rupell’s bird spirit into my 50th birthday as a mortal sentient human being. 🙂 The bird’s eye in the cosmic third eye.

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