A Woman’s Personal Fifty Days to Fifty Years: A Loving Tribute as a Geropsychologist. “Never mess with a men-oh-pause, oh please (eye roll) woman.”—Dr. Manju Day 42

42 days to 50

Let’s pause: Speaking of power and privilege, a theme on my blog and how it relates to turning 50, pardon the heterocis language. I own my immediate biases and unearned power and privilege as a heterocis woman.

Looking back from my post yesterday (written less than an hour ago got to catch up haha): Being 50 definitely is going to have its quirks. I’m okay with using my intermittent menopausal resurgence of chagning hormonal levels to use the real “don’t fuck with me attitude” with others. When pissed, I can rightfully pull off the “Honey, I have lived and will be living life, so don’t fuck with me. I can see through your bullshit. Cut the crap and cut it now.” While I’ve always maintained this stance, I can back it up with my years. 🙂

Sarcasm, mockery, imitation about the absurdity of one’s behavior, thinking and judgment is exaggerated for me to make a point with more brazenness and confidence, given the years behind me.


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