My Conversations with my Dragonfly Spirit Guide

As previously posted I usually ride a 2 mile wooded trail by Lake Washacum.  This lake was the previous home to the Nashaway Indians.  Two days ago I stopped to take a break and sat down on the shore.  I was approached by a dragonfly who caught my attention.  I have recently been doing more and more meditation.  I decided I would meditate with the dragonfly.

Within a minute I started hearing the dragonfly speaking in my head.  The dragonfly told me his name was Spotted Wolf.  He had lived on the lake back in the early 1700’s and had been reincarnated as a dragonfly and was my spirit guide.    

Spotted Wolf had chosen to come to me in the form of a dragonfly because they represent a transformation. As long as I came to visit him at this spot on the shore of the lake he would give me insight. He told me I should communicate his wisdom through this blog in a series of posts.

Wakan Tanka, Great Mystery, Teach me how to trust My heart, My mind, My intuition, My inner knowing, The senses of my body, The blessings of my spirit. Teach me to trust these things So that I may enter my Sacred Space And love beyond my fear, And thus Walk in Balance With the passing of each glorious Sun. – Lakota Prayer

The Native Americans believed the space between the in and out breath is the Sacred Space for there we fall back to our natural state. We transcend fear and find true love when we release the ego and sense of separate self. To walk in balance refers to the harmony between heaven and earth. Spotted Wolf said we must go out in nature and respect the balance seen in nature. That is why he had chosen this sacred ground for it was becoming scarce in the world to find such a place.

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